Can't run samples on OS X

Hi guys, sorry the for trouble with the OS X SDK but thanks for reporting in.

Jeff is correct for the SFML work-around. Our build machine didn’t have SFML updated to the latest so the pre-built binaries link against 2.2 instead of 2.3. We’ll fix that for the next release.

Not sure what the resolution for the liborbbec.dylib issue is yet. Little background in case you still want to poke around:
The samples link against (among other things) libAstra.dylib, which is in lib/, which loads the plugins when the sample calls initialize(). The Astra plugins are located in lib/Plugins/. The libopenni_sensor.dylib plugin links against libOpenNI2.dylib, which is provided in lib/Plugins/openni2, and it in turns loads its driver plugins. (I know…) The driver plugin in question is liborbbec.dylib, which talks to the Astra camera over USB.

From the log you provided, it appears that libopenni_sensor.dylib is loading fine, and libOpenNI2.dylib has found the liborbbec.dylib driver plugin but it doesn’t like it for some reason.

Can one of you try editing OpenNI.ini in lib/Plugins/openni2/ in the [Log] section to enable/uncomment Verbosity=0 and LogToFile=1, and optionally LogToConsole=1. Then run a sample and post the log. The OpenNI2 log file will be found under the bin/Log/.