Is it possible to use OpenNI with the Astra Pro?

Regarding OpenNI 2 - Astra (for both depth and color) and Astra Pro (just depth, no color) have drivers for OpenNI 2.2+

The proximity sensor, however, is a safety feature that is (at the moment) not directly user controllable that turns off the IR projector when something is detected to be too close to the front of the device.

The lack of support for color streams in OpenNI2 with the Astra Pro is due to the non-trivial changes required to OpenNI 2 to enable support of the higher resolution UVC-based camera CMOS. We have been considering making the necessary changes, but are prioritizing new Astra SDK features over retrofitting OpenNI 2. Of course, you can use the Astra SDK to retrieve all stream types from all of our devices: Astra, Astra Pro, and Persee.