What's the difference between Astra, Astra S, Astra Pro

Hi, Tiago,

  1. Orbbec Astra is a general purpose 3D sensor that could fit various applications.
  2. Orbbec Astra S is specially calibrated for short range 3D scanning.
  3. Orbbec Astra Pro is similar to Astra in depth but has a high quality UVC RGB camera. This camera can stream 720P RGB stream @ 30 FPS. The UVC camera can also be used as a webcam. You may want to use it in immersive products that need to show high quality RGB video.

The applications of these camera I mentioned are not locked at all. You may choose which ever you want to use based on your needs. In addition, Astra/Astra S has good compatibility with OpenNI 2. But for Astra Pro, I strongly suggest you use our SDK :grin:

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