2.0.8 Beta2 Expired, now what?

Hello everyone,
I’m pretty new to Orbbec devices, i bought my first Astra Pro last week. I already started developing with Unity. At the moment I’m feeling a bit confused about what’s going on with this 31st Match 2018 and why the unity SDK is not working anymore.
Can you explain me a bit the situation please?


Ok, nevermind, 2.0.9 beta3 out now, works perfectly, thanks!

If someone could explain the above that would be a big help, what I don’t understand is why the sdk must stop working when a new update is available, I hadn’t a clue why it had just stopped working and thought that the camera was faulty or my code had broken somehow.

is this going to happen again? amongst my confusion I ended up wiping my unity project and the whole saga cost me so much time.

With unity, the update package writes over everything and sadly I had expanded upon the sample code to get my project working.

how can I update the sdk in future without damaging my project? I don’t know which files specifically need to be updated and I had modified the code for DepthTextureRenderer and ColourTextureRenderer classes, since there was/is no documentation (right?) for working with unity/c# then I assumed this was why the samples were provided, as a starting point/reference.

Thanks in advance

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General advice for development in Unity:
Keep every file in any third party asset as it is. Unity will overwrite them on updates.

If you need to modify a file, copy it to a different folder first.
If it is code, try to make a new class which inherits the original one.

The big deal here is that also deployed applications will not work anymore. I am creating an app for a museum that uses Orbbec astra as input device (body interaction), and I need to provide a “new” version everytime that an update comes out otherwise it will simply stop working.

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I know. It was in response to:

Does anyone know if there is an expiration date attached to the most recent sdk 2.0.9?

After June 30, 2018, according to their website. You can test this by changing the system clock.

The Orbbec Body Tracking library (included with Astra SDK Beta) is free to use until June 30, 2018. Please plan to update to a newer version before that date or contact info@orbbec3d.com about license extensions and information.