3D Scanning is Awful

So I elected to take the kit of the Astra S and the Dev Board over the persee and it arrived today. Right now I am just trying the camera out on a top end Surface Book Pro, and I tried it on my gaming/3D system which is a 64GB/i7@4.5GHz/Dual GTX 970’s and the scanning is just bad, my Kinect scans far better (and It pains me to say that).

I am using Recfusion and its near impossible to get a fully scanned object, certain sections just will not fill in. I have tried many different objects and the best scan is the couch, anything like a stuffed animal, bench, and others are very poor.

I also cant get to the closest distance as per the specs for the Astra S - If I get around 15-17" the program simply doesnt scan, it turns blue (I believe) and cant scan, so even when I can scan, the detail cant get to what I wanted with the specs listed…

Any ideas at all to increase this accuracy or to get a scan going any better?

(I have used StructureIO / etc … so not too new to this…)