About BodyTracking SDK

I am looking forward to the release of FemtoBolt as an alternative to AzureKinect.

On the other hand, I have a question.
Is the ORBBEC Body Tracking License required to do body tracking with FemtoBolt?
Or is a different SDK scheduled to be released, I could not determine from the information on the web page alone.

AzureKinect allows BodyTracking for free, so if there is money to be spent there, we need to take that into account in our future plans.

Please let me know if you know about it.

Orbbec BT SDK will support Femto Bolt later, it is different SDK with Azure Kinect

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Thank you for your reply.
If another SDK is released, will I have to pay for its use as an additional cost?
Please let me know if you know of any.

I have a project with body tracking too. I don’t see any SDK commits in github regarding the body tracking and I was wondering what the progress is and whether to look for another option for the time being.

you can use GitHub - orbbec/OrbbecSDK-K4A-Wrapper: This repo is forked from Azure-kinect-Sensor-SDK,contain the K4A wrapper for OrbbecSDK. and reference documentation
Access_AKDK_Application_Software_with_Femto_Bolt.pdf (orbbec.github.io)