Acquiring world coordinates without checkerboard pattern in the image frame

Hi All,

So far I have calibrated RGB camera and used it to acquire world coordinates using a checkerboard pattern - I have to keep the checkerboard pattern visible in every image that I need to get X,Y (world) coordinates.

However, now I have calibrated my ASTRA S using the ORBBEC calibration tool and obtained below parameters.

Is there a way to acquire world coordinates by using camera intrinsics and RGB to Depth Rot and Trans matrices rather than using the checkerboard pattern in each and every frame to get XYZ world coordinates ?

Really appreciative if someone could help me.

PS: I’m using MATLAB and entry level personnel to computer vision.

[Left Camera Intrinsic]
553.797 0 314.796
0 553.722 265.393
0 0 1

[Right Camera Intrinsic]
493.489 0 307.503
0 493.869 248.419
0 0 1

[Right to Left Camera Rotate Matrix]
0.999998 -0.00107117 -0.00166391
0.00108444 0.999967 0.00799295
0.0016553 -0.00799474 0.999967

[Right to Left Camera Translate]
-24.7362 -0.44281 0.648089