Additional Note for Astra SDK 2.0.7 Beta

Hello Dedicated Developers,

Thank you for your interest in Orbbec products and for downloading our recently released Astra SDK 2.0.7 Beta. We’re excited to see and get to know all of the new Orbbec community members.

The newly released Astra SDK 2.0.7 Beta adds many new features and attempts to consolidate them into one place. You will notice that the development kit now includes new wrappers, support for every Orbbec camera and has the Body Tracking integrated into the SDK.

As we grow and develop new products we appreciate the feedback and suggestions we receive from Orbbec developers. While we continue to evaluate the Astra SDK 2.0.7 Beta, we must stress that this product is offered to the Orbbec community as is and will only be altered by the discretion and in the timeframe allotted by Orbbec engineers. Your advice is invaluable to the future development of Orbbec 3D cameras and the enhancement of our development kit.

Some of you may have noticed that there is an expiration date. This date is for the Body Tracking SDK only. The Astra SDK will remain open source and free of charge. And you can expect more improvements, updates and documentations coming soon.

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you to develop more products supported by Orbbec 3D sensors for the foreseeable future.

Your pals,
The Orbbec Team

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