Adjust FOV in Orbbec Astra Embedded S


Firstly, thanks a lot for your Orbbec Astra Embedded S! We using it for monitor the health of patients. Basically, to get some metrics of breathing.

So, we need more precision of depth camera. Here Astra Embedded S - ORBBEC - 3D Vision for a 3D World, I see that we got 68 and 45 degree for depth FOV and resolutions 1280x800. And here Astra SDK: astra_imagestream_mode_t结构体 参考 I see params of image stream, that we can use be Astra SDK. It’s resolutions, pixelFormat and FPS. But there is no FOV.

To get more point density, we would like to focus depth camera with same resolution. This will help us give accurate information to the doctors.

So, is there any way to low FOV depth camera via Astra SDK?

Are you asking to lower the FOV to get the dense depth point?

Yes. Is it possible?