AGV Depth and AGV Color image cannnot output at the same time

HI , I have a problem in windows 10 USB 3.0 / 2.0 environment, Astra Camera, Driver is version : 。 run SimpleColorViewer-SFML, I can get color image, run SimpleDepthViewer-SFML, also get the depth image, but run SimpleStreamViwer-SFML , it doesn’t work. I change depth image size as QVGA (320*320),then ,it works.

for ubuntu 16.04,all these work well.

I need VGA depth and color image, and want combine and register them as same size RGB-D image in windows environment;
and then ,how to get depth and color Camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters using SDK API.


Hi Breathemars,

  1. “SimpleStreamViwer” should work for both depth and color image if the resolutions are set the same;
    Also make sure to use the latest “Astra SDK”;
  2. You can get intrinsic and extrinsic parameters using Extended API In OpenNI SDK
    There is a method called "obtain camera parameters“ in Extended API.
    Hope it helps.