Android Basics - Where to begin?

Hi. I have an Astra Pro camera on an Android device and I’d like to know where to begin to get the data in order to prepare to implement face recognition. Right now I’ve already created a new project and imported the astra-android-release-v2.0.15-232757cc1d.aar file on the project using the project below as example, but I’m lost at this point.

Running the example without any modifications I get just the Hello from C++ and this on the logcat:

  • W/CameraBase: An error occurred while connecting to camera 0: Service not available
  • D/AndroidCamera: openCamera(): Exception while opening camera #0: java.lang.RuntimeException: Fail to connect to camera service
  • I/AstraSDK: 2019-05-14 12:34:41,235 ERROR [] could not open uvc-based color stream

The device I’m using is an Sumni K1, that already comes with an Astra Pro.

And is it true that this sdk is just to send data? If so, there are any samples of an Android App sending the camera data and a webserver or api consuming this data? Even if just for show the streaming?