Android issues using Astra SDK

Hello everyone,

I have been building and running the sample from : using the latest Astra SDK .apk.

When testing on a rooted Android 9.0 TV Box device the sample works fine and I can read the depth stream values.

But then, when I tried the same built sample on a non-rooted Android 9.0 smartphone the sample is not working reporting an Exception when this line is called:
DepthStream depthStream = DepthStream.get(reader);

From the setups I’m testing I only can see 2 differences. First, that 1 device is rooted and the other not. Second, for the smartphone device I’m using a USB HUB to adapt Orbbec Astra camera to USB-C type port.

Does anyone know if the SDK is limited to rooted devices or that is incompatible with USB Hubs?