Any plans to fix sensor sensitivity to sunlight & bright environments?

Are there any plans to improve the performance of the Orbbec depth sensors (Astra & Persee) in bright environments in a future version of the hardware?

Compared to other existing depth sensors (such as the Kinect), the Orbbec Astra and Persee sensors are overly sensitive to sunlight. For example, the sensor depth data degrades significantly on a sunny day if the indoor room is moderately bright even with light blinds. (Of course, the sensors work fine if the user has blackout curtains.) I think it’s too restrictive for many applications for the sensor to not function in this kind of bright environment.

Would it be feasible to provide a more powerful version of the sensor for applications, especially for applications where the size of the sensor is not an important concern? I would be fine with a sensor as big as the Kinect v2 if it was more robust to bright environments. (But note that there are other smaller depth sensors whose performance do not degrade as much as the Orbbec sensors in bright environments.)