Any updates on the Cinder version

Hi Guys,

Love the device but am keen to integrate into an existing Cinder project. Any possible news on an ETA ? Or even a hacky way to get it running ?

Hi @Chris. I don’t see any existing Cinder Blocks listed here, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Since both Cinder and the Astra SDK are C++, you shouldn’t need to do anything “hacky” – you can use the SDK directly. There are some samples worth looking at here:

Also, here are two openFrameworks addons which wrap the Astra SDK with a more “openFrameworks style” approach, and would also be useful for seeing which bits of the sample code above are relevant for just getting up & running (you can look in the src folder to see the addon’s implementation of the Astra SDK, and the example folder to see how you would use it in an app):

My addon, which I think is relatively straightforward & easy to comb through:

  • Note that I haven’t updated my addon in a while and it’s written for v0.4 of the SDK, which is now at v0.5

An addon from Elliot Woods with a much more sophisticated abstraction:

And finally (actually this probably should’ve been the first thing I mentioned), the docs included with the SDK include a very helpful walk-through, with code samples, of what you need to do to get data from the sensor. Check out the Hello World Tutorial under the Getting Started section.

@Orbbec folks, are the docs online anywhere? If not, I think hosting them somewhere so that people can read through them before downloading the SDK would be really helpful!

Thanks Matt that’s really useful.

I don’t need to do anything too fancy, mapping the colour to the depth image should be the most challenging part :thinking:

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Cool, so hopefully you’re on your way. I’ve only skimmed some Cinder code in the past & am not a user myself, but am happy to look at some code if you run into any issues. Also make sure to enable the depth/color registration.

Also you may want to take a look at this thread. It seems there’s a “sweet spot” for where the depth/color images align, and it may appear with an offset if you’re too close or too far:

Thank Matt, I really appreciate it. I’ll be happy to share my results with the community.