Astra 2 Depth resolution

I’m an artist using depth cameras for my creations.

I’m trying to use Astra 2 as it says on the specs: 1600 x 1200 at 30fps. but using the python viewer provided in the SDK I can only reach 5 fps at 1600 x 1200. I have to go down to 800 x 600 to get 30fps.

Is this a limitation due to Python?
Is there a way to get what is written here?


Did you try the samples in Python SDK?

The camera may be grabbing at 30 fps but that doesn’t mean the application will receive and display depth map at 30 fps. There reasons could be:

  1. USB Bandwidth limitation

  2. Frame processing time used by the application

  3. Delay due to display

Hello, i’m trying both with the provided viewer in the SDK v 1.9.4 and with Touchdesigner using the python binding sdk with same results.

Solved !

It was because of my secondary USB port.

ok it works now.

thanks !