Astra cannot set 1280x960 resolution

I’m using Astra camera in standard version. I’m trying to modify the SimpleColorViewer-SFML example to run in 1280x960 resolution without success. Acording to specification in this resolution the camera should provide 7 FPS. So I tried this:

auto colorStream =<astra::ColorStream>();

astra::ImageStreamMode colorMode;




But the stream was still set to VGA 640x480 resolution acording to astra::ColorFrame width and height. So I experimented a little bit with the settings and found out that colorMode.set_fps(30) set the astra color stream into correct resolution but the frame is broken (see attached picture). The SFML window is set to correct 1280x960 resolution.

Can you please provide a working example with astra set to 1280x960 resolution?

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I also want to change the resolution,but don’t konw how to solve it.