Astra crashes during few days: black image


I’m testing Orbbec Astra in an application where the sensor is on for several days.
I’ve noticed that typically during weekend the depth images are not captured
anymore and visualized images are fully black.

I can fix the problem by deattaching Astra from USB and re-connecting.
Seems to work even better when switching USB port.

Any ideas what could be the problem?
I have new version of driver and sdk.


Seems like my orbbec.ini contains by default:

; USB interface to be used. 0 - FW Default, 1 - ISO endpoints (default on Windows), 2 - BULK endpoints (default on Linux/Mac/Android machines), 3 - ISO endpoints for low-bandwidth depth

despite that I’m running Windows. I switched this to default and hoping for the best.
I’ll get back to this in 1 week :slight_smile:

Hi ttykkala.
I’m very curious that it is stable or not.
Is it still running well?

Please reply to me. Thanks

Everything is running well on CPU/GPU side and no crashes there.
It only seems like as if Astra sensor firmware has crashed since
after few days the depth image feed switches into black image feed.

If I close the program myself at that stage and run a visualizer program
it also shows black image feed.

When I remove Astra from USB and re-attach it back it starts to work

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Thanks for reply.

May I ask you one more question?
When Astra is crushed, If you force to reboot or shutdown and turn on computer, does it work fine?