Astra depth stream turning off after a while- Unity


I am using an Astra as a depth camera for a Unity Program, it works fine after starting the program, but after about 10 minutes the depth stream just stops. Is this a known issue? I do not think that it is an issue with the proximity sensor, because it turns without anything being close to it.

When this occurs, I am getting a NullReferenceException in
at the line
if (_readerDepth.TryOpenFrame(0, out frame))

I have not been able to isolate this problem until now, and I am not sure how to debug this.

I appreciate any help with this issue, thanks!

I am using Windows 10 and Unity 2018

So it turns out that I was able to stop this problem from happening if I set my AstraManager object to DontDestroyOnLoad when switching scenes.

My program loops through a few scenes, and originally, once the scene changed about 5 times the depth stream stopped. Now with DontDestroyOnLoad, the depth stream keeps running.