Astra Drivers for Windows?

The camera drivers for Windows used to be listed on Develop – Orbbec
Now I can’t seem to find them.

Where have they gone?

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I can’t find them, either. Seems like an omission that should be fixed.

It’s kind of embarrassing that no one has responded. This is a pretty serious omission in my view. Fortunately I do most of my development under Linux where a driver is not necessary.

This is a problem I have run into as well which leaves me unable to utilize the product that just arrived. I’ve contacted Orbbec directly using the help email in hopes of an immediate resolution, but I hope my request will further the issue such that it is addressed here to the community at large soon.

Apparently the drivers are bundled with the OpenNI download. I’ve successfully installed them but cannot run all the OpenNI examples or any of the Astra SDK examples, though that may be a separate issue.

I am of the opinion that the “develop” page on the Orbbec site exhibits UX deserving of improvement. As a new user it’s not clear that the “hardware and software you’ll need to get started”, including the driver itself, is in fact only available in the provided OpenNI download package. The OpenNI/Drivers download is under a section labelled only with the OpenNI logo. The section itself adjacent to but does not precede the actual SDK download section. With all this under consideration it is difficult for me to say how one would intuitively understand both the requirements and order of steps to successfully complete the installation process. I believe minor adjustments would prevent any reasonable confusion from an individual in my situation.


Thanks for that discovery. The drivers are indeed buried deep in the folder structure of the OpenNI download. This used to not be the case, making this particularly confusing.

The previous driver I had was version
The one included in the OpenNI .zip is

I haven’t tried these latest drivers yet.

Hi pierrep,

Sorry for the late reply.
Please try our new “Develop” website: Develop – Orbbec
You’ll find the drivers and SDK more conveniently.

Drivers are now downloadable, but the download is giving a certificate warning. It’s on the Orbecc domain, but using a * certificate.