Astra Embedded S - Adjust minimum Z


we want to use Astra Embedded S in our project. However, the operating range of the camera in use is critical. The ideal would be from 10 cm to 100 cm. It is essential that we can capture close objects.

I was wondering whether there is a possibility to tweak the camera’s settings that would allow us to decrease the minimum depth?

For example, Intel RealSense cameras allow some adjustments, such as changing the disparity shift. Is it possible to do the same with Astra? Another option for RealSense cameras is that when the resolution is decreased, the minimum Z is also decreased. Does it work the same with Astra Embedded S? (Source:
Tuning depth cameras for best performance)

I was not able to find any documentation for Astra that would list the available settings and how I could change it in code. Is there one?

Thank you.

Ladislav Ondris