Astra Embedded S Depth Data

I’m using the almost exact Java code in an Android project to obtain the depth frame for the Astra Embedded S as I have done before with the Astra Mini, however the depth data looks wrong when I dump it from the Embedded S.

byte[] depthSensorByteArray = new byte[DEPTH_WIDTH * DEPTH_HEIGHT * 2];
VideoFrameRef depthFrame = mDepthStream.readFrame();
ByteBuffer frameDataDepth = depthFrame.getData();

Is there some kind of pre-processing that the Orbbec-UVC sample Android project does to the uint16[] depth frame before it is rendered?

I was able to fix the problem. I was using the code in the orbbec uvc Android example. All Orbbec samples use a configuration file called orbbec.ini. In this file under the [Depth] settings there is a line with ReadParams=1. I had to comment it out in order to fix the depth value problem.

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