Astra Embedded S depth stream data noise

Hello, I am using an Astra Embedded S in Windows 10, with a 1-meter long USB-C cable, connected to a USB3 port of a laptop workstation.

I downloaded the latest Astra SDK (AstraSDK-v2.1.1-24f74b8b15-20200424T114650Z-vs2015-win64).

When I run SimpleStreamViewer-SFML.exe and the camera is in front of me at about 50 cm, I can observe that 3D depth data is noisy, whereas 2D color data is fine. Link to video showing the problem:

Do you have any suggestion?

One thing I would like to check is firmware: how do I check the firmware version on the Astra Embedded S? How do I update it if necessary?
I will be extra careful in this step. I understand that we install a newer version of the firmware, never an older version as it can be dangerous.

Thank you very much.

For the record, here are some answers in case they are useful for somebody else:

  • The correct resolution for Embedded S is 640x400. The default resolution of SimpleStreamViewer-SFML sample is 640x480. So, I could revise the resolution in the source code and re-compile the sample to run with the correct resolution.
  • Besides, I can run SimpleDepthViewer sample and press the “D” key to switch resolution to 640x400.
  • Firmware: not possible to update it by the user. This can only be done at Orbbec’s facilities.