Astra embedded s not working properly?


I just received the Astra Embedded S that I pre-ordered. It did not come with a USB cable, but I am using a cell phone charger / data cable plugged into an available USB 3 port on my PC. I also do not see a user manual for the device.

I would like to do some initial visual tests of the raw data quality with the device on a Windows 10 computer. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Windows driver (, as well as the latest versions of both the Astra SDK (2.0.15) and OpenNI SDK ( for Windows. I tried using the different viewers I could find, such as SimpleDepthViewer-SFML.exe and OBNiViewer.exe, and they do start up and run. I can see part of the IR image stream, but the depth images look like random noise in both viewers. Also, the device runs very hot when plugged in.

Can you please provide any guidance on getting started, how to use the camera properly, which viewers should work with it, any configuration that’s required, etc? We are eager to see what it can do and evaluate whether it will work well for an upcoming product, and I’m not sure yet whether I have a software issue or it’s a hardware problem with the unit I received.

Thanks in advance.

It seems that most of the viewers default a depth mode of 640 x 480 which doesn’t work. Instead, if you change it to 640 x 400 at 1mm or 100um, then those modes work. To do this in NIViewer.exe right click on the screen and you should see a menu popup, then select Device >> Streams >> Depth >> Video Mode and change it.

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Sorry to bother you, but how do I change the resolution in the example of astra SDK, especially the SimpleHandViewer-SFML