Astra Embeded S Window 10 installation


I am try to run sample program but it seems not working
I install window driver it seems fine it is showing it is intalled
however in device manager I can’t find it
anyway I try to run Depth Viewer but it is showing black screen


Try to run astra-tests.exe in bin directory but it show fails

Try to run viewer

Showing nothing

Please help me


Hi chompangyi,

Have you solved this problem yet?
If not, could you upload a screenshot of “device manager” with the Embedded S plugged in?
You could send email to for supports.


It is not show up at all even installation show installed
As I told you the device is blinking 10 sec and trun off

Please help

Yeah I solve it

Now I am seeing it but Simple Depth Viewer showing strange view

is it due to resolution?

then tell me how to set the correct resolution for the viewer

another request are

how to set resolution in java api

how to get image frame in java api

how to get ir image frame in java api

For the resolution setting in SimpleDepthViewer , please follow the instructions on Orbbec website:

Also, for developing with SDK, please read “Documents” for more settings in java api.
Hope it can help.