Astra horizontal line artifact

I am experiencing some issues with Astra, as can be seen in this video. The depth map is showing some artifacts, more specifically, horizontal lines of invalid depth pixels.

It would seem like it is a faulty driver or image processing algorithm. Note that there is a correlation between my hands movement and the vertical position of the line. It is worthy to mention that when the camera is displaced, typically looking downwards, the problem fades away.

I have tried turning the lights off and to remove any possible interference, but did not have significant results.

I am using OpenCV + OpenNI2 to grab the depth frames, but the problem is not specific to my application, NiViewer yields the same results.

I would appreciate if you could provide a solution for this issue ASAP.

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Yep, I can confirmate that also. I think it happens when there is noise from solar radiation but I’m not sure

The horizontal line artifacts are related to the number of zero depth pixels in an image. To reduce this artifact try to to have mostly solid, in-range backgrounds.

I see, but this is known to be a bug, isn’t it? In that case will you release a fix?

I have no control on my environment to reduce the number of invalid depth pixels and I cannot afford to have these horizontal lines artifacts for my application.

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Hi, I have the same problem. I can´t controll the environmental conditions in my application. Is this considered to be fixed soon?


@josh I think it is clear that many users are facing this problem. It has been more than two weeks and I still have not got a position on your part. Please, provide support for your clients.


@eduardo.arnold Apologies for the delay. We are looking into the issue. @David will post an update on this soon.

Hi @josh, same problem here. Do you have any update on this issue?

Please email if this issue is affecting your use of the sensor. Thanks!