Astra Mini Onboard USB connector pinout

Hey everyone,
I just started with the Astra Mini.
Since there was no USB cable included in the delivery, I wondered if anyone had any information about the assignment of the onboard connector. So far I know that it is a 5-pin JST connector (JST-ZH 1.25mm pins). Does anyone know the position of the “5V+, GND, D+, D-” pins on the board? Pin 5 I assume is the shielding of the cable, right?

Due to the high shipping costs to germany it is not practicable for us to just order a cable.
Hopefully we can create our own and directly integrate it in our systems.

Regards manuel

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Did you found it totally compatible? I just broke mine and I am looking for replacement.


It should have been included in the package… I would ask them to send you one at no cost to you.

My cable broke and I got this sheet from Orbbec. (I had a horrible time making a new connector and just ended up ordering more cables, and creating a mount for the camera that supports the cable better).

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Your post help me to find the connector in the market, no JST after all.

Did you created an 3D mount or modified one by hand? The official one is way too expensive in my opinion.


I made a CAD model (in autodesk inventor) for a camera backing and 3D printed it. It will let you screw the camera to it using the mounting clips that came with the camera, and then ziptie the cable to a tab. I can upload it tomorrow when I get to the lab if that would be helpful?

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I think it will be very helpful for the community, maybe to be uploaded in an individual post?

Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: . I uploaded the ipt in case you want to modify it, and an stl file in case you want to print right away.

I’ll throw it in it’s own post to make it come up better in searches too.

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I want to build the cable myself since it is to strong and heave for my gimbal. Could you send me the source of the connector structure? Thank you.