Astra Mini Pro Connection to Mac

Hello. I am totally new to Orbbec Cameras. I have purchased an Astra MINI Pro and am trying to connect to Isadora using OpenNI.
The camera seems to power up and has a green LED indicator on the receptacle.
The OpenNI Tracker in Isadora does not recognise the camera.
I have tested the software setup using a friends Astra Mini Pro and Isadora recognises the camera immediately.
Is there a driver or other setup step that I have missed?
Mac OSX12.5
Thanks for your help.

Could you please share the two SN of your Mini Pro and your friend’s?

Hi Nathan,

My Astra Mini details are:
Serial Number: AD7573301AZ
Product ID:0x065b
Vendor ID:0x2bc5

My friend’s Astra Mini details are:
Product ID:0x0404
Vendor ID:0x2bc5
Any ideas where I might find the serial number? or this enough info?

Hi there, you can see they are two different PIDs, they are different cameras. I think Isadora software using the very old OpenNI Mac SDK support, it supports the Astra Mini your friend has, however, not your new Astra Mini pro. There is Orbbec SDK Mac OS version supports Astra Mini pro on Mac, but Isadora not support his SDK yet.