Astra+ OpenNI 2 support


The store page for the Astra+ claims the device can be used with OpenNI 2. I’ve got the device, but I haven’t been able to get OpenNI to recognize it. The Orbbec version of OpenNI that’s available for download on the website just doesn’t find any devices, even though the camera is easily accessible as any other webcam.

I’ve tried this on Windows 10 and Linux. On Windows it finds nothing. On Linux it does mention finding an “Orbbec Astra” but OpenNI is unable to open the device. This was tested using the prebuilt examples from the Orbbec OpenNI 2 archive.

I’ve tried blacklisting the uvcvideo Linux kernel module (as it kept claiming the depth sensor and providing it as a camera) and this lead to a different error: Device Protocol: Unknown Error!

What can I do to get the Astra+ to work with OpenNI 2?

Hi, you could contact Orbbec to ask help.

Thank you, yes, that is a good point. I’ll send an email.