Astra Pro and body tracking SDK. How many max tracked bodies?

I am looking for specs on the number ‘max’ tracked bodies available for the different Astra products.
I am currently developing with an Astra Pro, but would need to know if the max is different for the other astra products.

The example code shows the ability for 25 people to be tracked. Haven’t verified that as I haven’t had 25 people around to try with. I can successfully verify 4 skeletons without issue.

the v2 sdk beta recently released states in the readme:

  • Body stream - features include:
    ** Full-body skeleton tracking - Tracks 6 people max, though performance may vary

Although, it appears there will be a cost associated to using the Body Tracking feature in the near future.

Orbbec Body Tracking SDK imbedded inside the BETA version is free to use until January 31, 2018

taken from: Dec 29 2017