Astra Pro drivers incorrectly recognize Xtion/PS1080

I have a system with OpenNI 2, which works fine with the ASUS Xtion (original model, not the new 2) which it reports as a PS1080. I installed the latest software for the Astra Pro, and it worked great.

But when I went and plugged in only the Xtion again, OpenNI2 sees TWO devices plugged in, an Astra and a PS1080. If I unplug the Xtion, it correctly reports no devices. Plug in the Astra, it reports just one, the Astra.

If I plug in one Astra and one Xtion, it sees two Astras and one Xtion. One of the Astras has the same URI as the Xtion.

If I plug in two Xtions, I get four cameras reported, two Astras and two PS1080s.

So it looks like the Astra driver is incorrectly recognizing the Xtion/PS1080 as an Astra, and I get two devices reported when only one PS1080 is plugged in.

This is a major problem; it means that once I install the Astra software, that system is now poisoned for correct use with PS1080-based cameras, as I do lots of multi-camera work.

This is on Win7 x64 Enterprise, and Orbbec.dll version

And to help clarify, this is an OpenNI2 driver problem, not a windows driver problem. Windows device manager correctly shows only the Primesense as connected when OpenNI is reporting both an Astra and a PS1080.

Hey folks! Any input on this?

It is a problem not being able have a uniform software config that will work across systems with different cameras. Right now I have to make sure the Astra driver is not present on systems not using that camera.

Anyone home? Any input on this?

I’ve got to be frank, a public forum is not a replacement for a bug tracking system, particularly when problems go with no response for over a month. I am considering moving to Astras as my main camera for new installations (of which I have several coming up in the next month), but I am concerned about basing my business on a key component that still understandably has growing pains, and appears to have poor support.