Astra S image streams stops working

Since upgrading the firmware to RGB-Sync project, the Astra S that I have seems to stop streaming either video or depth images at random intervals, and I had to unplug and replug the sensor. It typically stops working after few minutes, sometimes longer sometimes shorter.

The same thing happens with OpenNI’s NiViewer and AstraSDK0.5.0’s SimpleStreamViewer-SFML.exe

Anyone else has the same problem?

Yes, using standard Astra on Win10. Using driver 4.4 with NiViewer (part of OpenNI 2.2) we are getting occasional loss of the depth stream and sometimes also the RGB stream. Unplugging/replugging fixes but not practical to be able to do this for our desired application.

Ah for me the issue was usage of an USB extender messing up the signal. Does the problem happen if you don’t put any USB extender on it?

Initially we were using an extender, but this problem also exists when connecting directly to the PC.

Did you use the latest version of sensor driver? When they updated the firmware they also released new version of the driver software on Windows. Does the problem happen on Linux as well? If it does make sure you are supplying enough power to the camera. If it doesn’t happen on Linux it’s probably the driver that needs to be updated.

Having compared this to a colleague’s working unit I have found that using FW 1.05 with the OpenNi orbecc.dll v was troublesome whereas updating the dll to and firmware to 1.07 works fine. Thanks for your help

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Can I ask where are you getting the orbbec.dll? I have the dll with firmware 1.07.