ASTRA S - OpenNI2 setImageRegistrationMode (depth->color) failed

Hi there,
I am working with the Astra S (not PRO) using OpenNI2 and the JAVA-Wrapper. After opening the device which is working fine I try to set the ImageRegistrationMode but that fails with an exception: “Device.setProperty(5) failed”. Short snippet in Scala:

private def testImageRegistrationDepthToColor(uri: String) = {
      val device: Device =
      val isSupported = device.isImageRegistrationModeSupported(ImageRegistrationMode.DEPTH_TO_COLOR)
      println("image registration depth->color support: " + isSupported)
      if (isSupported) {
        try {
          println("setting image registration depth->color support...")
        catch {
          case e : Throwable => println("setting image registration depth->color support FAILED: " + e.getLocalizedMessage)


Does anybody have the same problem or found a solution for that?

Astra S has UVC color camera and OpenNI does not support UVC camera. You need to use opencv to get color (RGB) frames. Then how can you register depth frame from OpenNI to RGB frame from OpenCV?