Astra SDK and TouchCursor SDK

Hi All advise or guidance in resolving the following challenge.
Currently, we are elaborating usage of your Astra sensor with our platform based on Android 6.0.1.

We are using Rockchip CPU architecture board with Orbbec Astra sensor. Openni is setup and working, Astra SDK is still not working.

We tried TouchCursor example, and achieved the following results:

  1. Sources can be compiled.

  2. Your precompiled and compiled by ourselves APK is crashing.

  3. Your Apk returns the following log data:
    08-10 13:55:11.769 4001-4001/com.orbbec.TouchCursorExample E/NDK-“NATIVE: SN ������
    Wrong SN!
    Failed to init obc!”

  4. Compiled version in our environment the same result.