Astra SDK on Persee?

I installed Ubuntu 16 on the persee, and now I’d like to start developing using the AstraSDK. The example that is available on the system uses OpenNI, and not the AstraSDK. There doesn’t appear to be an AstraSDK available for Ubuntu on ARM. Am I missing something?

Has anyone compiled an app that uses the Astra SDK directly (not OpenNI)? If so, is there a tutorial on getting this set up? This should be very straightforward. Maybe the Astra SDK is prebuilt on the system? If so, is there a sample that shows how it’s used.

I feel like I should just be able to download the source for the Astra SDK sample programs, and then compile and run them on the persee, but I can’t find any source code available that works with the SDK, and I’m not sure where the SDK is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is no Astra SDK build for ARM, or source code available. But OpenNI worked fine for me.

I found an OpenNI example that works, but when it stops, the camera stays on. Do you know of a way of fixing this without turning off the persee?