Astra SDK reference frame issue

Hi :wave:

We are building an interactive projection mapping solution in my company and we’re prototyping with an Orbbec Astra Pro camera + Astra SDK.
Our algorithm uses a depth reference frame to compute the differences and detect things.
I noticed that periodically, the data suddenly changes a lot and become very different than the reference frame. It’s quite problematic because it forces us to be a little harsh on the noise removal, so it damages the data. When that happens, if we reset the reference frame, the difference becomes clean again.

We need to know when that happens, if we can disable or avoid this behavior, if there’s a callback that can be called or anything so that we can reset the reference frame.
Is this behavior bound to the camera or the SDK ?

Thanks for your help
Adrien Grosjean,
CTO at DigitalEssence

I am not clear about your application but I have faced a similar issue. The solution was to wait for a ‘stable frame’ - one which is not too much different from its predecessor / successor. I would wait for 10 frames once a ‘different’ object was found and if the object was stable in these 10 frames it would be considered as a valid object. If not, just reject the intervening frames and go to the next one.