Astra SDK User Guide

Hello Dedicated Developers,

Astra SDK User Guide includes all the detailed instructions and information about Astra SDK. We believe this will be a helpful resource for developing with Astra SDK. Please download from the Orbbec website below. Astra SDK - Documentation

Astra SDK User Guide

*If you have trouble opening this on Windows, it may be blocked by the system. Please right click on the file, select properties and check unblock
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*Now the Astra SDK User Guide is included in the SDK download page. Topic closed.

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SDK seems not support Android API 24+
APK can not be installed into Newer version device. It only works for kikat.
Please let me know how to integrate SDK into latest Android Device.


If the Astra SDK can work well with Visual Studio 2019 ?

I am facing some trouble about it.


It can, but you have to set up some stuff in your visual studio-

First, you have to go online and dowload the Windows 8.1 SDK
Then, you have to go to the Visual Studio Installer, click “More” on your 2019 installation and click “Modify”. From there,go to Individual Components and click on the following check boxes-

  • .NET Framework 3.5 development tools
  • MSVC v140 - VS 2015 C++ build tools (v14.00)
  • Windows Universal C Runtime
    Download and install those. It should work now.

Dear Naman-Goyal

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will go ahead.


If the Astra SDK .dll can work well with Labview 2017 ?
I am facing some trouble about it.

Hi zpy560,

Astra SDK is not officially support Labview.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Could you please tell me if the Astra SDK v.2.0.16 can work well with Arm64 OS (such as: Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi 4) ?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Thanks a lot

The documentation states that the supported Unity version is 5.3.6, however i use 2018.2.17f1 and it works totally fine. Maybe the supported Version can be updated? or is this the minimum version with upgrade compitability? I am kind of scared to upgrade my Unity version right now.

Wujood, I’m using Unity version 2019.1.0f2 and the SDK seems to work with no or minimal errors. The only issue can be the textures, if you use any of the new Unity HD Render Pipelines in the updated project (if you update an existing project from a 2018 version, you won’t switch to the new render pipeline, so you won’t have the problem). If you do try it with the new render pipeline it’s an easy task to update the mesh shader types, and it’s just a cosmetic issue anyway.
I’ve not tried it with any of the later versions yet.

If you update your project, I always recommend making a backup of the entire project beforehand, just in case. It’s worth the bit of extra preparation to avoid possible frustration.

Is there any way to use the SDK with ARM devices? The binaries currently from Orbec Develop doesn’t have source code or any binaries that work with ARM devices. Is there a way to get either?

Did you ever figure this out or get a working arm version? From what I see, this is not source code and therefore the .so files will not work for arm devices since it was made for x86_64 linux systems. I’m trying to do the same thing with the NVIDIA JETSON TX2, but have not successfully been able to do this yet. Has anything ever been answered on this forum?

Hi Jmorgenj

I am sorry for my late reply.

Actually, the Astra SDK can not support Arm OS.

I use the Nvidia Jetson Nano, and I just use the OpenNI2.0.16.

I asked the technical support people. They also said Astra SDK can not support the Arm OS.

Thank you.

Thank you @wangyuqing. the last remark was not necessarily directed at you. There are a lot of other unanswered forum topics, but thank you for reaching back out. I also moved on to openNI2. I had to download from source and change the default repository to look into for driver files. I just have to get a build file written that works with the source for me to deploy through bazel. Thank you again,