Astra Stereo S not working

I have the Orbbec Astra Stereo S USB 3.0 depth sensor, and I cannot make it work with the Orbbec viewer.
I am running Windows 11. The depth sensor is connected and recognized by the PC with the correct drivers. I have installed the SDKs and the viewer, but the viewer does not access the depth sensor.

I tried Linux Ubuntu 20.04, and it is the same issue. The viewer runs OK, the PC recognizes the sensor, but the viewer can’t access the sensor.

Hi there! Analyse closely the output of the Orbbec Viewer. I was recently in the exact same situation: the sensors were there, recognized by the OS, but the Orbbec Viewer couldn’t find them. What the log of the viewer stated:

I20220725 17:18:00.496150  8560 EnumeratorLibusb.cpp:231] queryDevicesInfo start ...
I20220725 17:18:00.511773  8560 EnumeratorLibusb.cpp:254] queryDevicesInfo done!
W20220725 17:18:00.512781  8560 ObVendorDevice.cpp:27] Orbbec vendor devcie(0x2bc5-0x0402) found, but uid is null, drop it!
I20220725 17:18:00.512781  8560 DeviceManager.cpp:199] queryUvcDevices: size = 0
I20220725 17:18:00.512781  8560 DeviceManager.cpp:200] queryHidDevices: size = 0
I20220725 17:18:00.512781  8560 DeviceManager.cpp:201] queryVendorDevices: size = 0
I20220725 17:18:00.512781  8560 DeviceManager.cpp:189] No device matched!

As you can see, the device was found but its UID is null. In my case, the problem was the mainboard which started to have weird hardware issues.

I got the same problem on windows 11, any fix?

Yes, you should download the OpenNI and Astra SDK, not the Orbbec viewer.

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