Astra Stereo S U3 + Android + SDK v2.1.3

I’d like to get the “Astra Stereo S U3” sensor with SDK v2.1.3 running on an Android device (Galaxy Tab). The OpenNI version hasn’t worked, so I tried the native version. But everytime I’d like to read a depth frame, the senso and application crashed (the sensor LED turnes off). The existing examples are also only showing one (or some frames) before it crashes.

Do you have any hint? Is the SDK 2 source code somewhere available? Maybe it is possible to fix the bug by myself.

All the best

Hi nbillen, you could download Android sample source code from Orbbec official websites, Develop tab.

Hi Nathan, I have already downloaded that example. But it isn’t working with my tablet. After the first frames it crashes. And it is really unstable.