Astra stereo s u3 gets high temperature when using Astra SDK in visual studio

Good day!

I recently bought an astra stereo s u3, and right now I’m using the Astra SDK in Visual Studio.
But one day I noticed that after running some projects of the astra samples, like 5 minutes after, the camera was really hot.

Is this behavior ordinary? Should I put a heatsink? Or could it be a factory defect?


We noticed the same behavior. After running the camera for 15 minutes in the official OrbbecViewer to monitor the color, depth and IR image, it became very hot. The camera was simply sitting on the desk with no additional heat sink or ventilation in an ambient temperature room. We have two identical Orbbec Astra Stereo S U3, one of which reached a surface temperature of 83°C and the other 55°C. We tested both cameras on the same USB 3.0 port and with the same USB cable. Changing the cable and the port resulted in the same behavior. Both have the same hardware and firmware version (see listing below). These temperatures are quite worrying and we fear a loss of depth accuracy and even breakage of the cameras. We are also not sure if this is a factory defect (note the high temperature difference between two identical cameras) or how to fix this issue. There are no additional heat sinks or ventilation requirements listed in the datasheet.

[DeviceManager.cpp:15] Current device(s) list: (1)
[DeviceManager.cpp:24] 	- Name: SV1301S_U3, PID: 0x0614, SN/ID: , Connection: USB3.0
[OpenNIHostProtocol.cpp:546] Hardware versions: FW=5.8.23 (14), HW=0, Chip=7, Sensor=0, SYS=12
[OpenNISensorFirmware.cpp:1050] Firmware version RD3013