Astra-tests cannot open shared object file

  • cloned astra from github
  • checked out develop branch
  • mkdir build && cd build && cmake …
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • from the build/bin directory ./astra-tests produces the following error

Camera is an Astra Pro. I have just tried running all of the executables in the OpenNI2-Linux-x64 directory to verify the camera works with those.

What other steps should I be following to work with the sdk? Do I need to export or specify paths?

We know about this bug with the test executable. It’s fixed internally and it should be pushed to github this week.

Take a look at how the sample apps are linked. (Speaking about the develop branch here:) In general, apps should link against,, and, which if you did make install would be in astra/build/sdk/lib. You’ll also need to add astra/build/sdk/include to your compiler include path. Then your app should be able to compile and run. (RPath should take care of pointing to the sdk/lib directory so you shouldn’t need to copy any files on OSX or Linux.)