Astrapro ROS cannot change resolution


I am using an ASTRA PRO and the ros driver

When I launch the astrapro.launch file it works, but the rgb resolution is 640x480.

I want to set a higher resolution, and have tried to set several different combinations in the width and height parameters of the launch file, e.g.

<!-- Image size and type -->
<!--      <param name="width" value="640"/>-->
<!--      <param name="height" value="480"/>-->
<!--    <param name="width" value="1280"/>-->
<!--    <param name="height" value="720"/>-->
<!--        <param name="width" value="1920"/>-->
<!--    <param name="height" value="1080"/>-->
 <!--            <param name="width" value="1280"/>-->
 <!--    <param name="height" value="960"/>-->

but I always get the error

[ERROR] [1632907359.621908977]: check video_mode/width/height/frame_rate are available
DEVICE CONFIGURATION (1d6b:0002/[none]) —
Status: idle
bcdUVC: 0x0100
[camera/camera_rgb-1] process has died [pid 15354, exit code 255, cmd /home/mike/catkin_ws/devel/lib/astra_camera/camera_node /camera/image_raw:=/camera/rgb/image_raw __name:=camera_rgb __log:=/home/mike/.ros/log/897f99ce-2102-11ec-bc37-73458f2580ab/camera-camera_rgb-1.log].
log file: /home/mike/.ros/log/897f99ce-2102-11ec-bc37-73458f2580ab/camera-camera_rgb-1*.log

Can you please provide an example of a launch file that sets a higher rgb resolution?

Thanks in advance,
Miguel Oliveira