AstraPro ROS Kinetic No new messages. Depth Sensor drops randomly


I’m currently working on a turtlebot2 that is equipped with an AstraPro to be used as a depth sensor.

Currently we run: >roslaunch astra_launch astrapro.launch
We then start rviz: >rviz and set up a pointcloud2 and monitor the topic camera/depth_registered/image_raw

It works and we get an image that we can view however it seems to randomly stop and freeze, sometimes it will recover. It seems to happen more often when objects are close (could be wrong and could just be random)

When we >rostopic hz camera/depth_registered/image_raw when it freezes we get “no new messages” when using >rostopic hz camera/depth_registered/image_raw?

We thought this could have to do with the proximity feature that turns it off as a safty feature but we couldn’t find a way to disable it to test this theory. We looked at the params but couldn’t find any documentation on what the params do.

We do get a warning when we launch astrapro.launch that states:" Warning: USB events thread - failed to set priority. This might cause loss of data…" that seems a bit suspicious but we didn’t look into it to much.

Any help would be appreciated