AstraSDK 2.07 support for Astra Pro HD 30 fps resolution

I’m using Astra PRO version. I was trying to modify the SimpleColorViewer-SFML sample to open Astra Pro color stream in HD 1280x720 30fps mode this way:

auto colorStream =<astra::ColorStream>();

auto oldMode = colorStream.mode();

astra::ImageStreamMode colorMode;

auto newMode = colorStream.mode();
printf("Changed color mode: %dx%d @ %d -> %dx%d @ %d\n", oldMode.width(), oldMode.height(),
       oldMode.fps(), newMode.width(), newMode.height(), newMode.fps());


It looks like the SDK doesn’t support this mode because it silently fails to change from default 640x480 30fps as reported by the printf log:

Changed color mode: 640x480 @ 30 -> 640x480 @ 30

But if a reduce the fps to 10


Then the SDK successfully is changing the restitution:

Changed color mode: 640x480 @ 30 -> 1280x720 @ 10

The Astra Pro specs say that it supports 30 fps at HD resolution. Is it a bug or a limitation of the SDK?

Most likely, it is limitation of Astra SDK. Because you can use Astra PRO as Web camera (I’ve tried under Win) and it supports HD resolution @ 30 FPS. But actual FPS depends on light conditions, because of auto-exposure.