AstraSDK-v2.0.17_2 Hard coded directories

I am trying to use the samples in SDK v2.0.17 vs2015. In the property pages, the developers have hard-coded the properties to specific directories, for example:
Because of this, I cannot open files or compile properly. I started to change the directories in the properties, but there are so many projects and so many dependencies that it isn’t reasonable to do that. Also, it appears there is no source code in the samples to help with development.

By comparison, in a previous version of the SDK, v2.0.16, the same property is set to :

I need to test some functions on the Astra Stereo that don’t work properly on v2.0.16 and need samples to help with the process.

Can the developers of the SDK v2.0.17 vs2015 fix this so the samples can work? If there’s something I’m missing, please let me know.

Suffer from the same problem and in v2.0.18 its still not fixed.Weird.

+1 to this, I’m having the same issue just trying to get started, and its very frustrating. All I want is a stream of the depth camera to send over to MaxMSP, but I can’t get any of the sample projects to run.

Having the same issue. Very frustrating :confused: