AstraUnityContext Update time difference on Windows vs Persee [v2.0.9 Beta3]

I’m running the default sample app - “Astra SDK 2.0.9 Beta3 Package for Unity 5.5.4”.

On Windows (in Unity editor or standalone app), the sample app Total frame time is 33.3 ms (for 30 Game FPS).
On Persee, the sample app Total frame time is 16.6 ms (for 60 Game FPS).

It looks like AstraUnityContext.Update() in AstraController.cs is eating up all the time. AstraUnityContext.Update calls Astra.Context.Update in AstraDotNet.dll

Why are these values different on Windows and Persee? And why is the game FPS locked to a fixed value? It seems like it’s a busy waiting issue with the call to Astra.Context.Update. Is there a way to get around this, or are there plans to address this in a future update?