Available color streams via network for Femto Mega

If I connect the Femto Mega via network on Windows and look for the available color streams, I get 18 streams with OB_FORMAT_H264 format and 18 streams with OB_FORMAT_H265.
If I use USB connection and the ColorViewer example from Orbbec, I find the OB_FORMAT_RGB color stream.
I do not want to use librarys like FFmpeg to decode the stream.
Is there a way to get different color streams than OB_FORMAT_H264 and OB_FORMAT_H265 via network?
In the NetDevice.cpp example there you can find following comment:
" For H264 and H265 format image frames, users can refer to FFmpeg and other decoding libraries and their routines to complete decoding and rendering display. This example is to keep the project and code concise, so it will not be shown."
So, I think, if others like these streams would be available, they would have implemented it in the example. Can anyone confirm my assumption?

Code to get the list of available color streams:
// Get the color camera configuration list
auto colorProfileList = pipe->getStreamProfileList(OB_SENSOR_COLOR);

Femto Mega supports YUY2, MJPG, H.264 and H.265 format of RGB image.
For further help, please contact info@orbbec3d.com.

To answer your question @uwe - only H264/H265 is supported via network on Femto Mega.
So that means implementing your own decoding. We did it with ffmpeg: https://github.com/design-io/ofxOrbbec/blob/main/src/ofxOrbbecCamera.cpp#L351-L426

I’d love if the SDK handled this internally but I’m guessing the licensing requirements would be tricky and that’s why it’s left up to the user.

Hello @oftheo,
thanks for the answer.
And thanks for the link to the solution with ffmpeg.
What a service!
I won’t be using ffmpeg, but i will try it out with the help of your code, just to have seen it.
Your assumption about the licensing requirements also seems plausible to me.
Thank you.

If you upgrade the firmware, the network can support the MJPEG format for color streams.Release Release Femto Mega Firmware · orbbec/OrbbecFirmware (github.com)