Basic information about OpenNI2 and Astra SDK

Hey guys,

i’m totally new to 3D-Vision and Orbbec Development. Now I bought an Astra S for 3D-object-tracking (universitary reseach). I use Windows 7 and MS Visual Studio 2015. So first i downloaded Astra SDK for MS Visual Studio 2015 - everything fine. After that i downloaded the zip-folder with the Astra Driver and OpenNI2 and installed the driver.
But is it correct that I can’t find a file in the OpenNI2-folder to install OpenNI2? Is it automatically installed with the driver (but in my program list i can’t find anything with the name OpenNI2)?

The background of my questions is, first I just wanna use the SimpleViewer to get some image streams but later i also wanna use PCL. So I need to know if OpenNI2 is fully integrated yet or if I have to do some more steps.

I want to learn fast so it’s very important for me to understand how these tools work together

Thank you!
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OpenNI isn’t a program as such it’s an SDK with some supporting examples … As such beyond unzipping and setting some environment variables there is not much needed to install