Best Kinect-like gesture detection tools/vendors?

Hi Orbbec community–

Like many others I was using the Kinect V2 sensor (with its ecosystem of Visual Gesture Builder & Visual Studio) to train gestures and since the Kinect is going extinct I need to migrate to a new system. I’m using a Astra Pro and I’m aware of Gestoos and nuitrack but I’m especially curious what the community has found works best for custom gestures.


  1. Are there any rough equivalents to the Kinect Visual Gesture Builder?

    • record video clips of actors attempting the gesture then tag/train a gesture and then have some type of program to emit events when those gestures occur with a payload like

    • gesture name,

    • system’s confidence of the gesture occurring (0 to 1)

  2. Are there any end-to-end code samples available related to identifying gestures using the Astra SDK? I haven’t been able to find anything specific and works out of the box