Black Screen When Running SimpleBodyViewer-SFML

Hello All,
I’m trying to work with body tracking. I have the newest Astra SDK.

It’s working for other applications but when I try to run SimpleBodyViewer-SFML or ColorizedBodyViewer-SFML, it shows only a BLACK screen and nothing else.

How to solve this?



I’m encountering the same issue with the latest AstraSDK-v2.0.14-8dd7d5344a-20181210T213031Z-Ubuntu1604.tar.gz in Linux.

All other samples work, but the body tracking one shows a black screen.
Even the output of the BodyReaderPoll sample is empty. It seems that astra_reader_open_frame returns with timeout error.

Any suggestions to solve this would be appreciated.


The BodyTracking plugin requires libpng12. If it cannot be loaded it fails silently unless the log level is raised in astra.toml. Installing libpng12 solves the issue for me.

I can confirm that installing libpng12 is also needed to get the body tracking working on Ubuntu 18.04.

You can install the .deb here as 18.04 doesn’t have it by default in the repos:

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Hi gaborpapp,I am sorry to bother you but I just met the same problem as you.I am using astra pro on ubuntu 18.04.I ran the Bodyreaderpoll sample,however,I cannot get any output even errors.
So I followed your advice and installed libpng12-dev.But it cant help.Could you please give me some advice on this?Do I need to link to any libs?
looking forward to your reply! Thank you.

Hi William,

Try to increase the logging level in astra.toml to debug.
You can also try going through the .so files with ldd and look for not found references.

Hi gabor,
Thanks for your reply! I will have a try soon.And I will leave a message here if I get any progress.:grinning:Thanks again!