Body Tracking expires 31.3.2018

Where are you at with your release timelines for a functional working version?


Hello Dedicated Developers,

We are sorry that the new Astra SDK beta is not yet ready to release on March 31st, 2018. We ran into a last minute bug with the Astra SDK beta but have fixed it. And we will have a new release coming first thing next week.
Sorry if this causes any inconvenience for your project. If you need support with extending your Orbbec Body Tracking license before the release, please email us at

Your pals,
The Orbbec Team

Hi Wes,

Orbbec Body Tracking v0.8.0-beta for Windows the standalone SDK still works pass the March 31st dead line. Anyway I can not just depend on that once I move to production version I need to have proper licensed SDK. Link below show what I have done with Kinect and now trying to achieve it with Orbbec.

Hey Johan,

FWIW Beta 0.8.0 is an entirely different SDK system to the more recent 2.0.8 beta 2 system.
Yes the 0.8.0 beta SDK didnt have a timelock - and FWIW is OPENNI native compatible.
Specifically for 0.8.0 you open an OpenNI stream ( selecting the device you want to access) to get a depth frame and then pass this to the ORBBEC tracker

The coding model is different and the workflows for its use are somewhat different for the new 2.0.8 beta 2 sdk.

In 2.0.8 you open a astrastreamset object and instantiate a bodytracker stream which is a child object/class in effect of the streamset - you then read bodyframes. The limitation here is that you dont appear to be able to intercept the depthstream to do - for example smoothing or other preprocessing before you hand it to the tracker.

The 2.0.8 version is also a custom API that is a closed system that does not use OPENNI externally - though from our testing it stills appears to be using it internally.

We have solutions in our internal codeset that would produce similar outcomes to your youtube demo using the ORBBEC 0.8.0 or the ORBBEC 2.0.8 Beta 2 SDK and also the NUITRACK SDK that would handle this with relative ease.

We have built a full system working off a plugin model that lets us load in and out the different versions and SDKs and hardware for testing FWIW

Happy to talk offline about more proprietary elements of our internal codeset that may be of use to you - or if we can be of assistance in any other ways -